Contractual Policy

Learn about the principles and scope of the Company’s Contractual Policy which sets out the role of contractors, the norms governing commercial relations and the principal criteria regulating the process of hiring services.

Supplier Register

The qualification of national contractors and suppliers is carried out with information from the Santiago Chamber of Commerce database, through its Red Negocios platform. The registration of suppliers is carried out through the Contract Management area at the time of being required for a supply of Goods and/or Services, for which it is recommended to keep the information updated in Red Negocios.

Supplier Payment Consultation Portal

Access to Collahuasi’s supplier payment consultation portal, a page where you can review the status of your invoices and find out the probable payment date if Collahuasi’s billing requirements have been met:

If you have problems accessing the portal, send your query to the email:


In the case of services, Minera Collahuasi is working with the Ariba Sourcing portal. Through said platform, the bidding processes are managed where the different bidders are invited. In the case of contractual signatures, Collahuasi has the Cloudsigner platform for advanced electronic signature.

Guarantee Policies

Contractors and suppliers whose contracts empower them to submit a guarantee policy as an alternative to the bank guarantee slip, must complete the attached forms and contact the following people to channel the request:

Claus Alejandro Thorun
Ejecutivo Comercial, Garantía.
Marsh  Av Costanera Sur 2730, Parque Titanium, Piso 18, Las Condes, Santiago.

Martín González Delfau,
Ejecutivo Comercial, Garantía.
Marsh | Av. Costanera Sur 2730, Parque Titanium, Piso 14, Las Condes, Santiago.