Production and Sales

Dedicated since 1999 to the extraction and production of copper concentrate and cathodes

The Company has two production processes in its deposits, a sulphide line and an oxide line, which produce copper and molybdenum. In 2015, the Company temporarily closed the cathode plant.

In 2019 Collahuasi produced 565 thousand tons of fine copper, with sales revenue of US $ 3,147 million

Regarding costs, thanks to the operational and management improvements that have been implemented in recent years, focusing on its value chain and ensuring the efficiency of its processes, the operational cost was lowered to US $ 1.02 per pound , close to the first quartile of the industry. In this way, Collahuasi has been able to overcome the complex price scenario that the industry has gone through in recent years.


Collahuasi’s exports in 2016 went principally to China and other Asian markets. In the case of copper concentrate, 23,8% was sold in Chile.

Other Figures

Other important results of the year included:

  • 91% of sales corresponded to copper (concentrate and cathodes).
  • EBITDA reached US$ 1.217 million.

*Source: Annual Report on Mine Copper in Chile