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About Collahuasi

Collahuasi is a mining company dedicated to the extraction and production of copper concentrate and molybdenum concentrate.

Its production levels, added to its mineral resources, its extension and location, place it among the six main copper producers in the world and the second largest in Chile. It has one of the largest copper deposits on the planet, with 10,380 million tons.

Its industrial facilities and the Rosario and Ujinaa fields, located in the commune of Pica, Tarapacá Region, make up the Cordillera Area. The concentrator plant is also located in the Ujina sector, from where a 203 km-long pipeline system is born, through which the copper concentrate is transferred to the Collahuasi Maritime Terminal. From this enclosure, located in Punta Patache, 65 km south of the city of Iquique, products are shipped to international markets. In this place, there are also molybdenum and concentrate filtering plants.

The shareholders are Anglo American plc (44%), Glencore (44%) and Japan Collahuasi Resources B.V. (12%), those who are represented on its Board of Directors.

In 2018, Collahuasi had a total workforce of 5,099 workers, made up of 37% self-employed and 63% outsourced. In addition, 45% of the own workers came from the Tarapacá Region.

In 2019 Collahuasi produced 565 thousand tons of fine copper, with sales revenue of US $ 3,147 million.ai. Collahuasi’s strategy considers sustainability as a central element. We work with a vision of the future so that the success of our business positively transforms the environment and the quality of life of our workers, collaborators and communities.