Our Contribution to the Tarapacá Region and to Chile

A key player in the Tarapacá Region

Collahuasi is a relevant regional actor that develops a business of excellence and seeks to contribute to building a better society. An example was the Company’s production in 2021, which obtained historical results, achieving the extraction of 630 thousand tons of fine copper. The contribution of Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi is equivalent to 65.62% of the region’s GDP and 2.52% of Chile’s GDP.

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Since 2020, and since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi has reacted in advance to protect the safety and health of its workers. All of the above is reflected in the book “The experience and learning of Collahuasi during the Covid-19 pandemic”, a text that combines the process that the company went through and how the executives, internal and external workers, were part of great teamwork to continue with the operational excellence that distinguishes Collahuasi, during the most critical process of the disease that came to change the world forever.


In the last 20 years, the mining industry has diversified job opportunities in the Tarapacá Region. The generation of local jobs is one of the most significant actions in which Collahuasi contributes positively to the economic development of this region.

As the largest mining company in Tarapacá, Collahuasi has contributed to the creation of mining employment, offering job opportunities ranging from qualified operators and maintenance personnel to highly trained positions such as engineers and geologists.

In 2021, Collahuasi had a total workforce of 5,025 own workers and contractors, 47% of whom come from the Tarapacá Region. It should be noted that 8% of the company’s staff are women.

Likewise, we consolidated the positive trend that characterizes our performance in health and safety in recent years. Recording the lowest frequency and severity rates in our history. The first fell by less than half compared to 2020 and the second fell by 84%.

It should be noted that our reportable accident frequency rate in 2021 reached 0.16.

Local suppliers

Through the acquisition of goods and services, Collahuasi has a significant opportunity to support employment in its local communities and boost the economy of the region. The Company has a policy that explicitly promotes local procurement to foster the socioeconomic development of the region and maximize the positive impact of its operation in economic and social terms.

In 2021, Collahuasi launched the first “CO2 Emissions Calculator for Suppliers”. The tool aims to measure the carbon footprint of each company that participates in the company’s tenders and which is part of Collahuasi’s circular economy strategy. Collahuasi.

The purpose of this tool is to make it easier for companies that participate in tenders for services and purchases of company goods to calculate their carbon footprint, through a simple data entry process that results in a summary of their CO2 emissions.