Our Contribution to the Tarapacá Region and to Chile

A key player in the Tarapacá Region

Collahuasi is an important regional player who, through excellence in the management of its business, seeks to contribute to build a better society. One example of this was the Company’s output in 2016 which accounted for close to 82% of the copper produced in the Tarapacá Region, equivalent to 25,5% of regional GDP and 0.9% of that of the country as a whole.

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Thanks to the mining industry, employment opportunities in the Tarapacá Region have diversified over the past 20 years. Job creation is, indeed, one of the most important ways in which Collahuasi contributes to the Region’s economic development.

As its largest mining company, Collahuasi has contributed to the creation of jobs in mining, offering opportunities in posts that range from skilled operators and maintenance personnel through to highly qualified engineers and geologists.

In 2016, Collahuasi’s workforce comprised 5,945 people of whom 44.8 % were from the Tarapacá Region. In addition, the direct and indirect jobs created by the Company benefited over 21,100 people around the country.

Local suppliers

Through its procurement of goods and services, Collahuasi has an important opportunity to support employment in neighbouring communities and boost the regional economy. It applies a policy that explicitly promotes local procurement in order to foster the Tarapacá Region’s socioeconomic development and maximise the operation’s economic and social impact.

In 2015, Collahuasi acquired goods and services from 160 suppliers in the Tarapacá Region, who accounted for 22.4% of total procurement.