Indigenous Peoples

Although none of Collahuasi’s operations are located in territories declared Indigenous Lands, it maintains permanent dialogue and channels for mutual cooperation with the groups located in its area of influence in a bid to enhance the communities’ quality of life and ensure the sustainability of the operation over time.

The principal indigenous peoples in the area are the Aymara and Quechua peoples in the Alca, Huatacondo, Salar de Coposa, Naciente Collahuasi and Laguna del Huasco communities. Under its Sustainability Policy, Collahuasi recognises and respects the cultures, customs, heritage and values of communities and indigenous peoples, based on compliance with its own values and the voluntary principles to which it adheres as well as the laws and international treaties and agreements in force in Chile.

Through its community working groups, the Company maintains constant dialogue and communication with their representatives, building relations of trust and receiving information about the needs and expectations of these peoples.