Our History

A history in the Tarapacá Region

Commercial activity in the Collahuasi mining district dates back to 1880 when its systems of high-grade copper and silver veins began to be exploited. These operations continued for fifty years until their interruption by the Great Depression. Work in the area resumed in 1978 when the key components of the Rosario deposit were identified.

In 1991, a combination of satellite, aerophotogrammetric and onsite studies, along with drilling activities, resulted in discovery of the Ujina deposit. The feasibility and environmental impact studies for the Collahuasi Project were approved in 1995 and, at the end of 1996, once financing and marketing agreements had been signed, its development and construction phase began.

The Company started commercial operations on 7 April 1999. Since then, it has sought to develop its activities in accordance with policies and practices of excellence that contribute to the welfare of society, economic development and care for the environment.