Our Purpose and Values

Production processes that put into practice a common, local and sustainable project.

Collahuasi’s vision is enshrined in the global strategy defined for 2015-2019 whose focus is the Company’s sustainable development.

“We challenge the present to contribute to a better society.”

This implies reinforcing and emphasising sustainability based on the following pillars:

  • To work with a focus on risk management, striving for operational excellence.
  • To strengthen management beyond the Company, consolidating relations with communities and collaborators.
  • That all the organisation fully understands the Company’s purpose in order to implement it with passion and enthusiasm.
  • To accentuate the value people have for the organisation, seeking to ensure the commitment and identification of all those who form part of Collahuasi.
  • To exercise a leadership that shares and communicates the Company’s purpose from a long-term standpoint.

“Safety, honesty, recognition, respect, passion and responsibility are the values that guide this purpose.”