Recycling and Best Practices

In 2013, Collahuasi contributed to the operation of three recycling points in the Iquique municipal district. Through to 2016, they had received 282 tonnes of recyclable material – including fibre (paper and cardboard), plastics and metals – and had been used by over 74,000 people.

These recycling points are permanently staffed by monitors and their prime purpose is to increase awareness of waste recycling as a habit that helps reduce individual and collective impacts on resources and the environment. They also guarantee reuse of the materials collected and receive only those that have a known industrial use.

The Iquique Municipal Government and Zona Franca S.A. (ZOFRI) collaborated in the installation of these recycling points, providing the sites where they are located. The recycling point inside the ZOFRI area is operated by Recicladores de Base and all three are supported by TriCiclos, a B corporation.