Carbon Footprint

In another focus of its environmental management, Collahuasi seeks to contribute to efforts to stem climate change. This undertaking is reflected in its efforts to achieve energy efficiency and monitoring. It is, in addition, the only mining company in Chile to assure its carbon footprint across all three scopes and to report it monthly.

This calculation includes:

  • Greenhouse gases (GHG) generated at the organisational level, reported according to the ISO 14064 standard and the Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • Carbon footprint of its products, reported according to the PAS 2050 standard of the British Standards Institution (BSI) which permits calculation of the GHGs emitted by a product over its life cycle (from the raw material through the production process to its distribution, use and disposal/recycling).

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Download and read Collahuasi’s reports on climate change and its carbon footprint: