Collahuasi Educational Foundation

In a bid to make a significant contribution to the education and employability of the young people of the Tarapacá Region, Collahuasi has channelled an important part of its social investment in recent years through the Educational Foundation it created in 2009.

Key initiatives in this field include the Juan Pablo II Bicentennial Mining Secondary School which is co-administered by the Company. Located in Alto Hospicio, one of the Tarapacá Region’s most vulnerable areas, it has 110 pupils and, in 2012 when it began to receive support from the Collahuasi Educational Foundation, attainment levels were very low.

In 2015, the first generation of pupils graduated from its special Mining Exploitation module and the school achieved one of the five best scores in the Region in the national SIMCE pupil attainment tests.

In June 2016, another important milestone was achieved with the launch at Pica’s Padre Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga Secondary School of the Tarapacá Region’s first Industrial Mechanics Workshop, with special emphasis on electromechanical maintenance.

A pioneer of its type, this Workshop will allow pupils to acquire a skill that is currently the most heavily demanded by Chile’s mining industry and will remain so through to 2024, according to a study, “The Labour Force of the Large-Scale Mining Industry”, carried out by Chile’s Mining Council, an industry association.

This initiative was implemented under an agreement signed at the beginning of the year by Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi – through its Educational Foundation – with the Pica Municipal Government. Its tie with Collahuasi means that the school is not only equipped with the infrastructure required for this new type of training but also has a permanent programme of videoconferences with experts from the mine, internships, master classes, field visits and certification of courses.