Collahuasi Educational Foundation

Collahuasi created the Foundation in 2009 to contribute to the improvement of regional education and promote technical-professional education, opening greater possibilities to the children and youth of Tarapacá.

The Foundation is Collahuasi’s main social investment and its board of directors is headed by the Company’s president, Jorge Gómez.

In 2022 we celebrate 13 years of commitment to this important mission, which has benefited more than 28,000 children and young people in the region, in a job that incorporates collaborators of our company with a virtuous relationship in various sectors.

Collahuasi Foundation, together with its collaborators, seeks to improve the learning of children and young people, through teacher professionalization, quality school management and family involvement.

Prioritizing the educational and social integration needs of children and young people from the most vulnerable sectors of the Tarapacá Region, seeking to install good educational practices, especially in the technical-professional area, with a perspective of comprehensive development of students.

Currently, it has the co-administration of the Liceo Bicentenario Minero S.S. Juan Pablo II of Alto Hospicio, the first municipal high school in Tarapacá that teaches the Mining Exploitation specialty, for which it has the direct support of the Collahuasi Mine Vice Presidency, which has a permanent participation in the training processes of the young people of the specialty and in its connection with the productive sector.

In addition, the Padre Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga de Pica Bicentennial Lyceum, an establishment that has the specialties of Agriculture and Industrial Mechanics with a mention in Electromechanical Maintenance of the establishment. The latter, since its inception in 2016, the specialty has the direct collaboration of the Collahuasi Vice Presidency of Processes to strengthen the training of students through videoconference, face-to-face talks, teacher internships, technical visits with students to tasks, improvements to study programs and certification of courses, among other actions.